Food is as important as breathing and yet we have forgotten to give it its proper place, and proper importance. When we do it not only changes our bodies for the better but magic can happen in other places in our lives when we start to treat everyday activities like cooking and eating with a little reverence.

Ways to Build a More Soulful Relationship with Food

A great way to feel more connected to your food is to handle it with care and think about where it comes from. The energy around food is just as important as the food itself, how it is grown, how it is handled or picked, how it is transporting and cook, all becomes an energetic part of the food. From great chefs to caring grandmother, they get it, food from start to finish should be handle with care there are easy, simple ways you can do it too. Shop at farmer’s markets, eat seasonally, handle foods with care by storing them properly and not allowing items to spoil in your fridge. This means better things for the earth, better relationships with the community, less waste, and better tasting food that energizes you on a higher level.

Learn to Cook Medicinal Foods

Medicinal foods are “beyond” superfoods since they contain active healing compounds that can heal you on the cellular level, like turmeric, vs just high doses of everyday nutrients that you’ll find in superfoods like broccoli, spinach, and carrots. Learning how to prepare them is key, so they don’t loose their nutrients, taste good, and absorb properly in your body. Other tasty medicinal foods you already know and probably love include mushrooms (especially Reishi), black pepper, chilies, cinnamon, and ginger, just to name a few.

Use Alchemy,Learn to Combine Cooking with your Spiritual Practice

When people are out of whack, it’s usually because they don’t feel loved, aren’t eating well, and are outside of nature’s healing energy. Eating the alchemical way means that you nourish yourself on many levels, taking care of the body, soul, and spirit. Tune in with our “outside nature” the nature around you and healing foods, but spending time outdoors and eating well. Tune in with your “inside nature” having a soulful experience with cooking healing foods while sharing and appreciating the great things and people you have in your life. When you do this, have a better connection to the food you eat, the earth and the environment, as well as the people around you and a truly holistic experience. Tending to all parts you’ll tap into more energy, feel less stressed, and enjoy life more.

Eating Plan, Energy Adjustments Using Alchemical Foods

Hungry for more? You can check out my Meal Plan that included matching meditations and medicinal foods for each meal. With the plan you’ll learn how to harnass the healing powder of foods like turmeric and ginger, and how to make them more potent. You’ll also get fast and easy recording meditations that match each food to boost their potency and help you to address the soulful and spiritual side to healing. Regular meditation is fast, easy, effective and has a world of benefits, read more about it. LINK