Superfood Alchemy Cookbook

Are you struggling to keep up with your self-care routine or perhaps you’re just looking for inspiration and easy ways to be a “healthier you” on all levels?

Consider Superfood Alchemy your ultimate holistic manual to care for body, soul, and mind with 100 easy plant-based recipes, essential oil DIY beauty, crystal therapy, meditations and more.

When looking for the keys to better health, many of us head to the doctor’s office in search of a magic fix.

But health is so much more than just optimizing biochemistry and physiology. It’s the balancing of body, mind, and spirit that creates true holistic health.

Learn how to “cook like an alchemist” to integrate healing lifestyle practices into your everyday routine… using nature’s strongest ingredients in delicious combinations that increase their healing properties.

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Healing Slow Cooker

This collection of 60 set-it and forget-it recipes aims to support a variety of wellness goals for optimal health.

From Detox and Calm to Rebuild and Strengthen and more, each chapter’s recipes utilize specific ingredients that help lower stress, decrease inflammation, and improve gut health.

Combining the convenience of a slow cooker with accessible ingredients like ginger, mushrooms, chocolate, and turmeric, these dishes are simple enough for home cooks of any skill level.

Each chapter comes with a detailed guide to the featured healing ingredients, making it easy to explore how they benefit the body. Start the journey to healthful eating with the flip of a switch!

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50 Shades of Kale

What’s the sexiest handful of foliage? A handful of Kale battles cancer, inflammation, and low moods. Get ready to trim your waistline, boost your sex drive, and banish your brain fog — it’s your turn to become intimate with kale.

50 SHADES OF KALE by Dr. Drew Ramsey and veteran cookbook author Jennifer Iserloh is a colorful, delicious, and fun cookbook with 50 decadent recipes using Mother Nature’s top super food. Chock-full of information of the health benefits of kale pul tips for optimal preparation, 50 SHADES OF KALE compellingly makes the case for why you need to include it in your culinary repertoire now. Whether you are vegan, gluten-free, or a knife carrying meat eater, Dr. Ramsey and Iserloh will turn you on to kale.

Tongue-in-cheek introductions, gorgeous photos, and a simmering essay on kale’s health benefit, add a playful element as Dr. Drew exposes kale’s scientific side and health attributes and Jennifer highlights kale in some sinfully good recipes. From breakfast to cocktails, Kaleonnaise to Thai’d Up Roughage, readers learn fifty new pleasing ways to partner kale. Devour spicy Kalejitos, tasty Kale Chicken Enchiladas, and decadent Chocolate Kale Chip Cookies, without regret — every dish is less than 400 calories.

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4 Healing Winter Tonics to Get Your Body Back on Track

When we think of alchemy, we probably picture robed men mixing mysterious concoctions, perhaps aiming to turn lead into gold. But that picture doesn’t even begin to depict the significance of this wise and healing practice.

Historically, some of the world’s most brilliant minds were attracted to the spiritual science of alchemy: Sir Isaac Newton, the highly 
influential English mathematician and physicist, used alchemy to conduct early chemistry experiments; Jabir ibn Hayyan, the famous Arab physician and chemist, described extracting gold from other metals using lead (which is perhaps why his name is thought to have inspired the word “gibberish”); and Lao Tzu, the renowned Chinese philosopher, is known as the father of alchemy in ancient China.

These great men were attracted to the way alchemy bridged the gap between nature, science, health, and spirituality, and perhaps they also saw it as a progressive way to live.

Alchemists believed in improving quality of life for themselves and others, and they used meditation and breathing techniques as they turned herbs into healing drinks. As 
they prepared their elixirs, they followed seven precise alchemical operations 
in order to ready themselves for higher levels of awareness.

For instance, step one was calcination, or cooking with fire to burn away negative thoughts; step two was dissolution, or steeping in water to dissolve negative feelings.

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