About Body & Soul Alchemy

Feeling great and being healthy is a balance… and it can be hard to achieve on your own! At Body & Soul Alchemy, we help you chart your path to optimal balance – squashing hidden stressors, mindset blocks and nutritional factors that may be holding you back. No matter what’s happened in the past or where you are now, we can help you create a healing lifestyle that nourishes your soul as well as your body.

Our Mission

Our mission at Body, Soul & Alchemy is to help you lead a more soulful life that’s healthier too! We help you create more enjoyable and sustainable ways so you can avoid burnout, finally gain control over unmanaged stress and discover what has been holding you back from getting healthy and staying that way.

Jennifer Iserloh founded Body & Soul Alchemy because she believes that everyone deserves to live a healthy, vital life – no matter what experiences or illnesses they experienced in the past. In order to do this, it isn’t just about nutrition or emotional balance, you have to be balanced in all areas – body, mind and soul.

Jennifer can help you discover blind spots when it comes to diet, hormonal issues, poor sleep, toxins, mindset and more. Finding that balanced lifestyle lets you reclaim optimal health, all-day energy, smooth gut health and steer clear of chronic illness and premature aging.

New advances in medicine show that food, gut health and hormones have a huge impact on your mental and emotional health and vice versa. Long-standing diseases all have root causes, stemming from the body, emotions, or mind… so for proper, complete healing it’s imperative to understand where you lack balance.

Trying to “DIY health” may have felt overwhelming in the past, but when you work with an experienced coach well versed in functional medicine… it’s much easier, faster, and guaranteed to unleash that soulful, vibrant, fun lifestyle!

Working with Jennifer, you’ll gain a deep understanding of how food impacts your physical and emotional health, as well as the role of gut and hormonal health in your body and emotions. You’ll discover how soulful practices can make healthy habits stick, and how to bring it all together, even when you lead a busy life. You’ll also see how small changes can have big health outcomes, and how upgrading your mindset can change your health destiny and your emotional well-being.

Superfood Alchemy Cookbook

Get a taste of how to balance body, mind and soul with my cookbook Superfood Alchemy that includes healthy recipes, meditation and soulful practices too. Check out my free 10-part video series on holistic remedies to feed yourself, body and soul and check out my new plant-based cookbook Superfood Alchemy!

About Jennifer Iserloh

For more than 20 years, Jennifer Iserloh has championed a healthier, holistic lifestyle based on healthy, delicious meals and soulful mind-body practices from her years of studying yoga, Ayurveda and functional nutrition.

A classically trained chef and graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education, Jennifer is also a certified yoga teacher, a certified reiki practitioner, and a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is the best-selling author of Superfood Alchemy, 50 Shades of Kale and The Healing Slow Cooker, among 22 other books.

She has also generated thousands of articles, blog posts and recipes for publications such as SELF, Yoga Journal, Health Monitor, Parents, Prevention, In Style, People, First For Women, AOL/Huffington Post and Livestrong.

In addition, she has collaborated with many integrative and functional medicine doctors to produce their books and healthy eating programs, learning firsthand the science behind healing foods.

After graduating with honors from the Institute of Culinary Education in 2003, she worked in kitchens throughout Manhattan as well as interning with cookbook authors like Tyler Florence of the Food Network where she learned recipe development first hand.

Shortly after, she pursued a career as a private chef, working in the homes of exclusive clientele such as Annie Leibovitz, Susan Sontag, and Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld. Throughout her hectic restaurant and private cheffing career, she maintain a strong yoga and mediation practice which enabled her to stay strong in a highly competitive field.

Searching for a spiritual practice where she could incorporate her knowledge of healing foods and specifically cooking technique, she was led to investigate the wonders of ancient alchemy. Through her studies with the Alchemy Guild, she shares her knowledge on how to combine spiritual practice with activities in the kitchen and beyond.

Apart from her books, television appearances and writings, Iserloh continues to empower people to take a greater role in their holistic health and enjoy life more.

Jennifer Is So Knowledgeable!

I'd been feeling really stressed out and sluggish at the same time. I wanted to work with Jennifer to get into things like meditation to help with my stress. Little did I know that we'd be covering a whole lot more including nutrition. I really thought I was eating healthy!! A big bowl of whole grain pasta was my go-to healthy meal but now I know better. I learn why many of the "healthy foods" I was eating weren't so great for me and why I felt so tired after eating them. Now I feel more energy and don't feel so sleepy in the afternoon! I also enjoy my new meditation practice.

I feel confident in the kitchen!

I heard Jennifer's lecture at my nutrition school and wanted to learn to cook more paleo-type meals. My family struggles with diabetes and after hearing her talk about her own family history, I knew she would understand! She taught me a ton of cooking hacks and yummy options so I'm not so tempted to eat out or snack on junk foods. She also helped me eat around my food allergies and still eat clean.

Jen Is A Superstar...

Confused about health in general? Look no further! Not only does she know her stuff but she is warm, friendly, and has a great sense of humor which puts you at ease. She leaves no stone unturned and her program covers SOOO much-- from mindset to nutrition, hormone health, detox -- you name it! I also love the live Q&A she offers, this program is worth every penny!

Take The First Step Today On Your Journey To Emotional Healing

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