Emotional healing happens when you have more self awareness around the major themes of your life and how you deal with them on a conscious and subconscious level. Tarot is a great tool to build awareness and kick-start the healing process!

At Body & Soul Alchemy, you’ll experience a magical transformation towards a richer, more fulfilled, more vibrant life.

Our integrative approach under the guidance of Jennifer Iserloh is based on the following:

  • Focus first and foremost on emotional healing to kick-start healing in the body and building a stronger mind to achieve goals
  • Holistically oriented approach, understanding where and when to remedy body, soul, or mind on a case-by-case basis
  • Focuses on optimal health – not just the absence of noticeable emotional pain or dis-ease
  • Requires clients to take an active role in their health creation by following prescriptions and receiving accountability check-ins
  • Acknowledges the multi-factorial nature of complex situation, requiring a multi-dimensional approach from years of working in the holistic field as a coach
  • Once emotional healing starts, giving support to healing the body or to shoring up eating habits that could be tweaked. A preference for natural, non-toxic interventions – harnessing the body’s ability to heal itself by using food plans, herbalist recommendations and herbal teas to rebalance the body for optimal healing

The Firestarter

Uncovering The Emotional Blocks That Hold You Hostage

Uncover the major patterns in your life (and how you grapple with them regularly in your life) with an intensive 1-hour tarot reading, alchemy prescription plan, recording of the session, plus a 1-hour follow up call where we can expand on your reading or pull new cards.

This intro package also includes an highly tailored alchemy prescription – including eating tips, how to use specific crystals, herbs, and meditations to fast-tract healing. This plan is based on your specific reading that outlines tactical ways to take action toward feeling better and doing more in your life.


Alchemy Manifestation Program

Squashing Emotional Blocks & Manifesting Abundance

In this mini-tarot intensive, you’ll receive two in-depth readings to first identify blocks (and how to squash them), and then build and follow the gameplan for manifesting abundance in the areas of your life that are lacking – from health, to wealth and even getting more love.

This package also includes my basic guide to crystals, and the Meditation 101 Starter Program, as well as your very own tarot deck. As part of your gameplan, you will also receive basic tarot training, an additional 1-hour training intensive, so you can do your very own readings for your continued emotional healing and support as you follow your specialized plan.


Emotional Healing Bootcamp

Revamping Your Body, Mind & Soul For Perfect Balance

Kick-start your mind – body healing process today with this intensive 6-week program that covers everything from basic emotional health through three tarot divination spreads, including an extensive digital plant-based eating program complete with over 60 plant-based recipes, videos, basics on nutrition, and other guides to healing.

Learn the basics of mediations and how to activate healing through crystals, plus your very own alchemy apothecary kit with crystals, tarot card and much more! This program also includes the training and tarot readings from the other programs, including 2 intensive 1-hour tarot readings (plus recordings of these sessions), your alchemy prescription plans, and 1-hour training intensive so you can do your very own readings for continued emotional healing and support.


How It Works

We provide episodes of care over the course of 3-9 months depending on the severity of your situation. Most of our patients experience significant improvements to their wellness within a few weeks of starting to work with our care team.


Kick-Off Session

Your journey begins with an in-depth tarot session where we uncover any potential emotional blocks and imbalances in your body, soul, and mind.


Follow Up Sessions

You’ll go through additional sessions to unleash abundance in your life, and supercharge your body, mind and soul.


Community & Support

Enjoy support through 5-minutes phone chats and email, as well as our Facebook community.

Magical transformations routinely occur in the kickoff session. Emotional and health coaching support when you need it.

As part of the program, you’ll also have access to the comprehensive plant-based eating program.

Wonder If Body & Soul Alchemy Is Right For You?

Maybe you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a client. Our client coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not Body is right for you.

Hear From Our Clients

“I didn’t have any hesitancy in signing up for a tarot reading with Jenn. I had friends who raved about her work so I was excited to sign up! Her reading was spot on. She was so accurate on what was going on in my life that it literally made me gasp. I’ve had many readings and NONE compare to the insights she shared with me. Her reading helped me know what next steps to take with my life and what to calm down about. I feel a deeper knowing about what my purpose is and which direction I need to go next.”


Happy Client

“I’ve heard about tarot’s in the past (who hasn’t) but I never went somewhere to get one done. This was until I met Jen at a retreat and when she mentioned she does them! When she was right there to have a convo with about it, I really wanted to have a reading done, but I didn’t know what I was in for. It far exceeded my expectations. I know a great testimonial can be perceived the wrong way, so I’ll explain what I mean… From the get go of starting it.. (before any cards were flipped) I didn’t know what to expect fully. I was really wanting clarity and wasn’t sure I’d get it, but I’m a very optimistic dude so I was all game to try! During the reading I was amazed at how well everything spoke to me. It seriously was revealing everything – from what happened to me in the past, how it has been affected me currently, and the most importantly it answered the clutter in my head on things I was debating on what I should/shouldn’t be doing now for myself and the future of my business…. while also speaking volumes on the type of person I will be, and the things I need to look out for. Everything was so spot on it blew my mind…. and not just me but other people I know who also got their reading done. Of course we couldn’t go into great detail as to how it affected each of us, because only we personally can relate to our-self 100%. But just seeing their reactions too was amazing itself as well. I would definitely recommend getting a tarot reading done by Jen if you’re thinking about it! I would have got a tarot reading done a long time ago if I really knew the power of it, however, who knows if the person giving the reading would have been as spot on as Jen was!”


Happy Mother

Take The First Step Today On Your Journey To Emotional Healing

Maybe you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a client. Our client coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not Body & Soul Alchemy is right for you.