Healing happens when you have more self awareness around the major areas of your life that impact your health, body, soul, and mind. At Body and Soul Alchemy, we help you wade through the confusion around nutrition, detox and mindfulness practices so you can create a lifestyle full of nourishing habits to support your body’s natural ability to heal.

At Body & Soul Alchemy, you’ll experience a meaningful transformation towards a richer, more balance and vibrant life.

Our integrative approach under the guidance of Jennifer Iserloh helps you:

  • Learn up-to-date nutrition and blast through health myths that people still believe. Learn how to kick-start healing in the body and build a stronger environment for healing.
  • Follow a holistically oriented approach, health isn’t just eating the right foods that’s only one third of the equation, it’s about being balanced and nourish in body, soul and mind.
  • Create optimal health by looking at the six pillars that support the body, soul (emotional health), and spirit (mindset)
  • Understand that emotional health and mindset play a huge role in the choices that impact your health and making healthy habits soulful is key for sustainability.

  • Understand the multi-factorial nature of health including the concept of bio-individuality (everyone is unique) while applying the basics that impacts anyone’s health like toxins, nutritional deficiencies, and proper sleep hygiene.
  • Essentials Program

    The Basics for Establishing Balanced Self-Care, A self-guided digital program
    This is contains:

    • Free access to my master on-line program that contains over 100 videos that cover the basics of the six pillars of health, body, soul, and spirit
    • 50 paleo, gluten & dairy free recipes that follows the Whole 30 food list
    • 6 downloadable guides that cover the basics of functional nutrition
    • Do’s and don’ts of eating an anti-inflammatory diet
    • Understanding your macros, carbs, fats, and proteins and the best sources of each
    • 50 lifestyle videos that cover other areas of health including breathwork technics for stress management, meditation, soulful practices like using essential oils and more
    • How to properly detox your body without juice cleanses, which detoxifying foods to include, herbs, and how to detox your home and your beauty routine
    • How upgrade your sleep, understanding the three kinds of sleep and why you aren’t getting your best sleep
    • Basic of reseting circadian rhythm to avoid the afternoon slump or sugar cravings
    • How to make healthy habits, including diet, detox and meditation a daily habit

    $47 monthly
    *3-month minimum required

    Monthly Group Coaching (Most Popular!)

    Going Deeper on Self-Care, Food as Medicine, Hormone Health, & Upgrading Mindset

    • Free access to my master on-line program that covers the essentials of body/soul/mind health
    • 12 monthly in person (on zoom) 1-hour health coaching sessions with Jennifer, to go deep on the six pillars of health
    • Live 30 minute Q&A post call where you can have your questions answered
    • Which diet is right for you at this time, paleo, keto or plant based and how these diets can impact your gut and hormonal balances.
    • How to balance macros (protein, carbs, and fat) and how to rebalance diet as you age or cope with stress, hormone changes and build-up of toxins
    • Understanding the gut microbiome, how to heal your gut, what foods are do’s and don’t for gut health, how to follow a 4 R’s healing program used in functional medicine.
    • Understanding detox and toxic impact on gut health and how toxins slow down your body
    • Understanding hidden forms of stress such as biological and chemical, hiding out in your daily practices, products and foods.
    • Learn how to manage those forms of stress with simple swaps and small habit changes. How to tackled mindset blocks and manage stressful thoughts through meditation, breathe work, and vagus nerve technics.
    • Making mindfulness part of everyday around food practices, self-care, and how your speak to yourself and others.
    • Easy ways to lower inflammation and how to recognize little know habits that greatly increase inflammation and disease.

    $97 Monthly
    *3-month minimum required

    Heath Coaching Intensive

    Optimize Your Health Practices, One-on-One In-Depth Coaching

    • Ideal for anyone who wants to fast track their understanding of body, soul, and mind balance
    • You will learn about the 6 pillars of health and how to personalize them for yourself
    • Free access to my master on-line program that covers the essentials of the six pillars of health
    • Free access to the group monthly group coaching to go deeper on all areas
    • We will focus on whichever areas need the most support but also cover the basics covered in the monthly program (see monthly coaching breakdown)
    • Exploring functional medicine and how to work with a functional medicine practitioner
    • 4 in-person (on zoom) 1-hour private health coaching sessions to rebuild your eating practices, do a fridge make-over and discuss weight loss, weight management, and personalized nutrition
    • Understanding different diets based on your age, nutritional needs, and family history and how your can adapt to nourish your body as you age
    • Dealing with your specific “hot spots” of stress and how to recognize what’s impacting your stress levels biologically and chemically
    • How to add gut healing practices into your diet, daily habits, and by editing your home and beauty care
    • Going deeper on spiritual practice or meditation including more complex forms of energy work like Qigong, advanced breathwork and more advanced styles and forms of mediation

    $200 Monthly
    *3-month minimum required

    How It Works

    Getting healthier and finding better balance doesn’t happen over night. This is why our programs are monthly to allow you to apply everything you learn directly to your life. We require a three month minimum for our programs because there is a lot to learn and you’ll need to time to consume and apply all the great information. After that if you wish to cancel, no hard feelings, no cancellation fee, and no refunds. Most of our clients experience significant improvements to their energy within a month of following the recommendations in our programs.


    Learn the Essential

    The journey begins with YOU taking the first step and making the commitment to find out what you don’t know. We are here to help you every step of the way. It’s time to shed old habits, old nutritional and diet advice, and blocked mindset that holds your back from optimizing your health.


    Ready to Go Deeper?

    If you want to transform, you have to go deeper on all areas of your health. Balance is a beautiful thing and you can rejuvenate your body, soul, and mind! One you master the basics, you’ll look forward to the monthly coaching to take a deeper dive, a great program for health enthusiasts and those who have already understand many of the essentials but want more.


    Community & Support

    Not sure which program is right for you? Take the Quiz TBD and find out more!

    As part of the program, you’ll also have access to my top picks with products, books and more!

    Wonder If Body & Soul Alchemy Is Right For You?

    Do you have questions before you choose the program that is right for you? Our client coordinator is standing by, happy to answer questions about the program and find out where you are in your health journey.

    Hear From Our Clients

    “I didn’t have any hesitancy in signing up for coaching with Jenn. I had friends who raved about her work so I was excited to sign up! Her coaching covered a lot of things that no one else is talking about and now I realize how much sugar I was actually eating! I’ve worked with a few coaches and trainers and NONE compare to the insights she shared with me. Her monthly session helped me know what next steps to take and what to calm down about. I feel a deeper knowing on how to care for my body and feel good about what’s going on in my life.”

    Lisa P.

    Happy Client

    “I met Jen at a retreat and when she mentioned she does holistic coaching. When she was right there to have a convo with about it, I really wanted to find a way to eat healthier, but I didn’t know what I was in for. Just our convo alone far exceeded my expectations. I didn’t know what to expect fully when I joined the program, but I was really wanting clarity and wasn’t disappointed! After the first month I was blown away by how much I learned. I really love the Q&A at the end which helps me personalize stuff. She also gave me great guidance on simple to deal with my diet and the best practices to do so I can stay sane!”

    Janice S.

    Happy Mother

    Take The First Step Today On Your Journey To Emotional Healing

    Maybe you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a client. Our client coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not Body & Soul Alchemy is right for you.