Health Optimization Session

Something’s off and can’t figure out why? Obstacles blocking you from getting to your health goals? Schedule your health optimization session today! Jennifer can help you get perspective and a roadmap to squash those blocks holding you back from unleashing a balanced, healthy life.

Start Your Journey Back To Health

At Body & Soul Alchemy, I provide my clients with the most effective, holistic approach to health through understanding how their current lifestyle impacts their health. I help them connect “all the dots” on their health journey – upgrading habits in the triad of body (food), soul (emotional health), and spirit (mindfulness practices and meditation) so that they can regain their energy, nourish their bodies and lead a calmer, more fulfilled life.

Additionally, when we speak over the phone, we can determine the best course of action and find specific blindspots or areas in the body-soul-mind equation that are out of balance and causing symptoms or just draining your energy.

Once we pinpoint these areas, it’s possible to fast-track healing and finally make sense of where and why you are stuck. Additionally, in my monthly program we can tune up all the areas impacting health such as food/nutrition, stress management, gut health, hormone balance, toxins, environment, emotional and mental health.

Together we can get you on the right track to removing emotional blocks and feeling more calm, confident, and refreshed! Please note that sessions are by appointment only and you can reschedule your appointment using my online calendar below.

Book Your Session

To book your session, choose from the available options below.

  • A free Health Optimization Session is perfect to explore whether partnering with me is the right next step for you at this time.
  • Health Optimization Intensives are meant to dive into a specific topic or health challenge you experience, along with tools and resources that Jennifer will provide post-session. This session is great for anyone who already feels great, but is interested in using medical foods, understanding precision medicine and interested in finding a functional medicine practitioner, or going much deeper on building mindfulness practices like meditation