Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Being healthy isn’t just about eating well it’s all about balance in the triad of body, mind, and soul. At Body and Soul Alchemy, sustainable health is only possible when you have the right holistic tools and a guide to help you along the way!

Oftentimes people have misconceptions when it comes to healthy eating, why they choose what they eat, and what it means to change their eating habits.

Here are some of the things I hear often:

“I’m already eating healthy but I am having trouble losing weight and I don’t have energy, why?”

Or “I can’t change my eating habits because I don’t have the will power and I’m just not strong enough!”

Or “I need these foods that I know are unhealthy but need them to give myself a lift!”

Many people think “If I could just eat healthy and loose the weight or eat the perfect way, I would be able to be happy.” But the truth is that it’s the other way around! First you need to to change your mindset and have the tools before you can nourish your body and help it heal. Upgrading your mindset and your knowledge also has a ripple effect not only on what you eat but also on all other areas of your life, including your self-care, your work, relationships and your energy.

I teach key concepts that hold people back from feeling their best, that most people don’t know because it isn’t common knowledge. For one, people don’t take their unique biology into account, so that not every diet works for every person. Secondly most people are following very outdated nutritional science. Thirdly, people don’t know what’s in food, what foods are nutritious, or even the basics such as macros and micronutrients and how to construct meals that are healing and tasty. And it’s not their fault!

Up-to-date nutritional science isn’t taught (even in medical schools). Most of the information circulating on the internet is based in old research, generalizations, and old assumptions. On top of this, “food marketing” which isn’t regulated can say things are healthy choices when they are not. It’s no wonder people are confused!

In my coaching practice, coaching hundreds of people on nutrition, anti-inflammatory foods, adaptogenic and superfoods, I have found that what people consider as “healthy eating” is far behind the curve in comparison to the up-to-date nutritional science. So many people are sabotaging their efforts unknowingly because they have the wrong, outdated information!

Apart from following outdated information, people struggle trying various diets because they don’t know that there is no “one size fits all”. There are specific considerations to keep in mind when navigating the right eating plan for you however as I have learned from years of writing with integrative doctors, MDs and naturopathic doctors.

Some of the nutritional aspects I teach you in the program is how to lower general inflammation, how to include more plant-based dishes, bests choices for proteins, healthiest fats, and whether or not you should consider removing dairy or gluten from your diet.

Making healthy eating soulful is another key to sustainable healthy living. I teach my clients cooking technics, how to use spices and herbs to make nutritious foods tastier. I also help your learn how to navigate healthy eating when you don’t have time or don’t know how to cook well.

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