Monthly Coaching

Need some emotional TLC? Coming up against some obstacle where you need support and advice? Join Jennifer’s monthly coaching to get perspective and a roadmap to squash those blocks that are holding you back from unleashing your potential including finally eating better, having a stronger spiritual practice, and feeling balanced even during times of stress.

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Testimonials From Clients

“A Great Way to Upgrade Your Life…”

Jennifer’s coaching is spot on, informing me as to where I am at in the present moment and what actions I can take to shape my future, including eating better and worrying less.

She pointed out both positive and negative influences in my life and made great suggestions to improve my happiness and wellbeing. I highly recommend a session with Jennifer!

“Spot on…”

“Jen is a superstar. If you are new to holistic health coaching like I was, Jen’s approach is for you. She is warm, friendly, and has a great sense of humor which puts you at ease, while teaching you so much about health in various areas of your life. She was able to give me plenty of guidance to make the appropriate changes in my life based on our work together”